Unicorn Greek Keyboard

Unicorn's Greek keyboard is toggled by typing the escape key twice, or by typing control-G (command-G on a Mac).  When the screen is light green, you are using the Greek keyboard; when it is white, you are using the standard keyboard.

Unicorn uses the following keystroke mappings for Greek. When typing a letter with diacritical marks, type the letter first, then the diacritical marks.

        a   alpha
        b   beta
        g   gamma
        d   delta
        e   epsilon
        z   zeta
        h   eta
        q   theta
        i   iota
        k   kappa
        l   lambda
        m   mu
        n   nu
        c   xi
        o   omicron
        p   pi
        r   rho
        s   sigma
        j   terminal sigma
        t   tau
        u   upsilon
        f   phi
        x   chi
        y   psi
        w   omega
        v   digamma

        \   grave
        /   acute
        =   circumflex
        )   smooth breathing
        (   rough breathing
        |   iota subscript
        !   iota subscript
        "   diaeresis
        +   diaeresis
        <   macron
        >   macron
        ~   breve (non-standard:   no betacode keystroke)
        :   raised dot

Converting to Unicode

The Greek keyboard layout is based on the betacode standard.  If you highlight some non-Greek text, then select the “Betacode to Unicode” item of the Edit menu, Unicorn will treat the text as betacode and will convert it to Greek.  Similarly the “Spionic to Unicode” item of the Tools menu will convert text using the Spionic font (a form of Betacode) into Unicode.

Freeware Greek Fonts:

The recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X ship with Unicode fonts supporting polytonic Greek.  However if for some reason you don't have the appropriate fonts, the freeware font Gentium will serve nicely.