Unicorn Russian Keyboards

There are two Russian keyboards supported by Unicorn, Standard and Phonetic. To set a Russian keyboard and font, go to the Edit menu and select the "Change Font..." menu item.  Change the keyboard to either Standard Russian or Phonetic Russian, then select a font.  The Unicode fonts supporting Cyrillic letters will be marked with green letters

Either keyboard mode is turned on or off by typing the escape key twice, or by typing control-G (command-G on a Mac). A green background in the window indicates you are in a Russian keyboard mode.

Russian Standard Keyboard:

Below is a list of lowercase characters and punctuation on a US keyboard and how they map to the corresponding Cyrillic letters.  Pressing the Shift key will obtain the corresponding uppercase mapping. 

    f    а
    ,    б
    d    в
    u    г
    l    д
    t    е
    `    ё
    ;    ж
    p    з
    b    и
    q    й
    r    к
    k    л
    v    м
    y    н
    j    о
    g    п
    h    р
    c    с
    n    т
    e    у
    a    ф
    [    х
    w    ц
    x    ч
    i    ш
    o    щ
    ]    ъ
    s    ы
    m    ь
    .    ю
    '    э
    z    я

    @    "
    #    №
    $    ;
    ^    :
    &    ?
    |    /
    \    \
    ?    ,
    /    .

Russian Phonetic Keyboard:

The mappings of a phonetic Russian keyboard are given below.

    a    а
    b    б
    w    в    
    g    г
    d    д
    e    е
    e+   ё    (note two characters are typed to get one)
    v    ж
    z    з
    i    и
    j    й
    k    к
    l    л
    m    м
    n    н
    o    о
    p    п
    r    р
    s    с
    t    т
    u    у
    f    ф
    x    х
    c    ц
    [    ш    (type { for uppercase Ш)
    ]    щ    (type } for uppercase Щ)
    #    ъ    (type Alt-Shift-3 for uppercase Ъ)  (Opt-Shift-3 on a Mac)
    y    ы
    @    ь    (type Alt-Shift-2 for uppercase Ь)  (Opt-Shift-2 on a Mac)
    \    э    (type | for uppercase Э)
    `    ю    (type ~ for uppercase Ю)
    q    я