Unicorn International Keyboard

Use Unicorn's International keyboard to type macrons for Latin and other diacritical marks for a host of other Western European languages. To change to the International keyboard, go to the Edit menu and select the “Change Font” menu item.  Change the keyboard to International, then select a font.  The appropriate Unicode fonts will be marked with green letters.

The International keyboard is toggled by typing the escape key twice, or by typing control-G (command-G on a Mac).  When the screen is light green, you are using the International keyboard; when it is white, you are using the standard keyboard.

The table below shows the sequence of characters to type to produce certain characters used to write various Western European languages.

    a/       á    acute accent
    a\       à    grave accent
    a+       ä    umlaut or diaeresis
    a^       â    circumflex
    a_       ā    macron
    n~       ñ    tilde  (also a and o)
    c/       ç    cedilla
    <        «    open quote
    >        »    close quote
    ?/       ¿    inverted question mark
    !/       ¡    inverted exclamation mark
    b/       ß    German ss
    o//      ø    slashed o
    a__      å    ringed a
    d/       ð    eth
    s/       æ    ash
    t/       þ    thorn
    $/       €    euro symbol
    $//      £    pound symbol
    $///     ¥    yen symbol

For example, to write ā, you would first type 'a', then '_', while in the International keyboard mode.