Unicorn Hebrew Keyboard

Unicorn's default keyboard is Greek.  To set a Hebrew keyboard and font, go to the Edit menu and select the "Change Font..." menu item.  Change the keyboard from Greek to Hebrew, then select a Hebrew font.  The Unicode Hebrew fonts will be marked with green letters.  If you need a Hebrew font, try the SIL Hebrew font.  You should also pick a larger than usual font size: 26 points is good.

The Hebrew keyboard is toggled by typing the escape key twice, or by typing control-G (command-G on a Mac).  When the screen is light green, you are using the Hebrew keyboard; when it is white, you are using the standard keyboard.

Unicorn uses the SIL International Biblical Hebrew keyboard layout.  Although not documented here, cantillation marks are also supported. 

Hebrew consonants

        >   alef
        b   bet
        g   gimel
        d   dalet
        h   he
        w   vav
        z   zayin
        x   het
        v   tet
        y   yod
        K   final kaf
        k   kaf
        l   lamed
        M   final mem
        m   mem
        N   final nun
        n   nun
        s   samekh
        <   ayin
        P   final pe
        p   pe
        C   final tsadi
        c   tsadi
        q   qof
        r   resh
        f   shin + sin dot
        j   shin + shin dot
        S   shin
        t   tav

Hebrew vowels

        =   dagesh or mapiq
        ;   sheva
        a   patah
        A   qamats
        e   segol
        i   hiriq
        E   tsere
        u   qubuts
        o   holam
     alt-A  hataf patah (can also use a;)
     alt-E  hataf segol (can also use e;)
     alt-O  hataf qamats (can also use o;)


        :   sof pasuq
        \   paseq