Caveat Lector

That means "Let the reader beware".

This FAQ was created a long time ago when Wheelock's Latin 5th edition and 6th edition roamed the earth. As of this writing we are on Wheelock's Latin 7th edition, which is organized pretty much like the 6th edition, but with more translation passages, maps, and other fancy stuff. We also once used Groton & May's 38 Latin Stories for supplemental readings; now coordinators tend to use LaFleur's Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes. Both books are excellent, by the way.

No attempt has been made to update this FAQ. Many of the questions answered are still pertinent, but beware of references to particular editions of particular books.

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This FAQ was created by Meredith Minter Dixon and extended by Gary Bisaga and is copyright 2003 by Gary Bisaga and Meredith Minter Dixon. The copyright to FAQ answers is retained by their authors.